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Challenges & Common Selling Mistakes

Selling your home, your most expensive asset, isn't without it's challenges.  However, understanding the challenges before you start the process can help you avoid making costly mistakes throughout the process of selling your home.   Our IQ Seller's Guide will help you recognize the challenges, evaluate and discover solutions to help you sell home.

Before you begin the process to sell your home, you need to consider your replacement property and ensure you can meet the down payment requirements and new monthly payments are acceptable.  You don't want to waste your time and money if you can't obtain a replacement property that will meet your needs and wants. 

As with most things, planning in advance to sell your home will eliminate a lot of stress and allow you to sell your home for top dollar.  Seller's that have to sell their home, don't take the time to prepare their home for the market, research agents, and limit their ability to negotiate, and therefore, will sell their home for less than seller's that are not in a rush.  If you can avoid allowing your circumstances dictate your decisions you will have better results and be much happier. 

Probably the biggest mistake homeowner's make when selling their home, is pricing.  Everyone would like to sell their home at the top of the market, however, that doesn't mean pricing your home at the top of the market is the best strategy.  Homes that are overpriced not only take longer, but actually sell for less.  Pricing is a key ingredient to marketing your home for sell and the goal should always be to attract the most willing and able buyers to your home.  Pricing your home correctly or even slightly below market will create more demand and often result in a higher final price.   

While pricing a home is probably the most common mistake for sellers, buyers are definitely the most common challenge to selling your home.  It's important to remember selling your home is a business transaction and you must do your best to remove emotion from the transaction.  You can't be offended that a buyer is trying to get the best deal possible or ask for repairs during the inspection phase.

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