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Researching Real Estate Agents

Finding a real estate agent in Colorado is easy, however, finding the right agent to help you sell your home can be a different story.  Any agent can place a sign in your yard, list your home for sale on MLS, and create flyers of your home, just as any restaurant can make a hamburger.  However, there is a reason why some restaurants can easily sell a hamburger for $15 and others struggle to sell a hamburger for $3. 

To begin you need to create a list of potential real estate agents to help you market your home for sale.  Real estate is all about location, location, location so, when creating your list of potential candidates you want to make sure they understand and our visible within your community.  Where can you look?  

  • Search online for, "Homes For Sale in Community Name" or "Homes For Sale in City Name" and make a note of the top local real estate agents.  95% of home buyer's search homes for sale online. 
  • Do you receive any marketing materials from local real estate agents?  About 20% of homes are sold to buyer's that have a family or friend in the neighborhood. 
  • Ask for referrals from neighbors or family and friends that live close.  Remember real estate is about location, so a great agent that lives across town may not be your best option.   
Once you have a list of potential candidates, conduct research online on each real estate agent to help narrow down the list to a few agents (2-3) to interview.  View their websites, review their listing/marketing plan, home owner resources, testimonials, and see how they market their other listings.  
During the selection process it's important to remember price should never be your number one deciding factor (think about the hamburger).  
For example let's say Agent A charges $2,000 to sell your home, but only places a sign in your yard, lists your home on the MLS, and makes cheap flyers.   After weeks go by and other homes in your neighborhood have already sold, you finally receive an offer of $190,000, $10,000 below your listing price.  After paying $2,000 in real estate commissions you receive $188,000.  
Now let's take Agent B, they charge $6,000, but they help you prepare you home to sell, advertise your home through multiple online platforms, create custom flyers, designs a custom website for your home, virtual tour, open houses, market their properties to their database and real estate agent contacts.  Thousands of potential home buyers were exposed to your home and you receive multiple offers in the first week.  You accept an offer of $210,000.  After you pay the real estate commission of $6,000 you make $204,000 or $16,000 more than you would have with Agent A.  
Next Step: Interviewing & Selecting Your Real Estate Agent

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