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Colorado HomesIQ Listing & Marketing System

The #1 goal for EVERY homeowner selling their home should be: Attract The Most Willing & Able Home Buyers To Make An Offer On Their Home.  While this appears to be common sense, most sellers and real estate agents don't understand this concept and/or lose sight of the goal.  By attracting the most willing and able home buyers to make an offer it not only allows the seller to sell their home quicker and for more money, it also shifts the balance of power to their side.  

Colorado HomesIQ has developed a custom listing and marketing system to ensure our clients are attracting the most willing and able home buyers to make an offer on their home.  Our proactive approach assists our clients in preparing their home to sell by providing a pre-inspection, professional handyman services, and cleaning services.  We not only want the home to look like a million dollars, we want to ensure that when we accept a contract the property will pass the buyer's inspection without any problems.

When it comes to marketing your property to sell, we don't leave anything to chance.  Our custom HD photography will highlight your home and ensure that it looks amazing online and offline.  Colorado HomesIQ also maintains a list of over 5,000 potential home buyers that we will market your home directly to and often can sell you home before it's ever listed on the MLS.  We will feature your property on over 1200 real estate websites to ensure tens of thousands of potential home buyers are exposed to your home.  Our custom property brochures are unmatched in the industry, text capture system,  custom property website, mobile flyers, and our open houses allow us to attract even more offers.  

The selling process doesn't stop once you receive an offer.  We vent all offers through our preferred lender to minimize any potential obstacles with buyers.  Our listing specialists are certified negotiation experts and tactically craft the contract to avoid unnecessary risk.  Our transaction coordinators are the best in the business and they assist in the contract process to eliminate any obstacles and/or delays.  

When it comes to selling your home, don't settle for any agent.  Our process will help you sell home for thousands more, in less time, and with a lot less stress.  For a no cost consultation call, 303.452.9797.  

Colorado Home Seller's Guide and Tools

The process of selling your home in Colorado can be full of surprises and overwhelming if you don’t understand the process.  It's important to have a clear plan and maintain realistic expectations from start to finish.  We have broken down the selling process in two Stages, Preparing & Listing Your Home to Sell/ Negotiating & Under Contract.

Preparing & Listing Your Home To Sell in Colorado  

Selling a home in Colorado can be a lot of work, however, if you take the necessary steps and do your due diligence upfront it can relatively easy.  Researching and finding the best real estate agent, a few "touch ups" to your home, and having a good understanding of the market will help you sell your home quickly. 

Negotiating & Under Contract: The Colorado Real Estate Contract

All of your preparation and hard work has paid off, and you have received offer(s) to purchase your home. Next, it's time to select the best one and finalize the sale with these steps.


Colorado Homes IQ